Pool table service

Amusement Sales & Service is your local source for pool table service. We service 13 counties in southeast Georgia and South Carolina. Please call us to discuss your needs and to receive a quote. We've been in business since 1965, so rest assured that your pool table is in good hands with us.

Please note, the size of your pool table affects the cost of most services. Click here to see how to easily and accurately measure your table. We only require one measurement: the bumper-to-bumper width.


Moving a pool table is a specialty service. The table must be carefully disassembled, loaded, transported, and reassembled. Plus, it's heavy! Let our team of trained technicians handle the job. You may wish for us to install new billiard cloth at this time; if not, we should be able to reapply the table's current cloth.


We can replace your table's old cloth with fresh new cloth from a variety of manufacturers, including Proline, Brunswick, and Simonis. Cloth is available in many colors. Click here to see a color chart of the standard, recreational grade cloth we offer.


If your current rail cushion rubber is unresponsive or "dead," please give us a call. We can replace the old, hard rail cushion rubber on most pool tables.


If your old pool table pockets are dried out, cracked, broken, or missing, we can help. We keep certain styles of inside and outside drop pockets and pocket liners in stock, and can special order others. Please let us know exactly what you need.


We are happy to disassemble your pool table and leave it in its current room or carry it into an adjacent room for storage. You may, for example, need to temporarily clear some space to allow for remodeling. We are also happy to later reassemble the pool table, or to assemble one that has already been in storage. Please note: due to company policy, we cannot assemble a brand new pool table that you have purchased from any retailer other than Amusement Sales & Service.


Please call us if you need help leveling your pool table.


If you are a do-it-yourselfer, you may choose to work on your own pool table. We are happy to sell you a pack of billiard cloth, a bundle of feather stripping, a set of pocket liners, etc. Please call us to discuss your exact needs.


Unfortunately, there are a couple of services we cannot perform. We don't do any woodworking/repair, so if for instance your pool table's legs have been chewed up by the family dog, we will not be able to restore them.

We do not service pool cues. We sell tip replacement materials in our store, but do not perform the actual replacement. We will do our best to refer you to someone who can.

We cannot repair any mechanical or electronic equipment, such as pinball machines, juke boxes, or arcade games--unless you purchased it from our store.